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Statements from December 20, 2019 on ending the exploration efforts of the City in the FAA’s AIPP program:

Welcome to the transparency portal for the exploration of an airport investment partnership with St. Louis Lambert International Airport. We are following through with the requirement by the City of St. Louis to inform the public on this potential transaction as outlined in the City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen Resolution 220.

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Consultant Analysis (new)

This report was prepared as a source of due diligence information for vendors seeking to explore the potential lease of the Airport. It contains historical background information as well as Market Overviews, Traffic Forecasts, discussions on Airport Infrastructure including assessments of demand and capacity, potential Development Concepts, and an analysis of actual and potential future Financial performance.

Closed Meeting Handouts

This list of documents contains attachments considered in closed meeting discussions of the Working Group. Many documents were initially presented in draft form and were subject to revisions in later meetings. A portion of these documents that were finalized had already been released on the website as open documents while many others remain in draft form only. A limited number of documents involved discussions considered as attorney/client communications and therefore remain closed documents.

Open Meeting Handouts