Statements from December 20, 2019 on ending the exploration efforts of the City in the FAA’s AIPP program:
Mayor’s Letter to Airport Working Group
Airport Working Group Statement

St. Louis Lambert International Airport is exploring an airport investment partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration. The FLY314 Coalition of Advisors was selected by the City of St. Louis through a competitive bid process whose contract was approved by the City Board of Estimate and Apportionment. This site seeks to inform the public of the journey of this potential transaction as a Mayoral Initiative.

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We work with the Executive Branch of the City of St. Louis to obtain approvals, ensure compliance, communicate with residents, work with public finance and offer options for use of proceeds. Learn More


This process includes creating Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) communication plans, updates, reports and applications. Learn More

We help negotiate use agreements and work with airlines throughout the process. Learn More

We help in the process of valuation, identifying bidders and coordinating a potential lease agreement. Learn More

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