Seth Downing
President of Operations, McKenna & Associates

Seth’s expertise includes 13 years of experience managing complex multi-dimensional efforts at the Federal and State level, leading client workflow, working with relevant stakeholders and ensuring strategic timelines and milestones are accomplished. He directs all aspects of large finance campaigns, advocacy efforts and special projects, manages day-to-day operations and plays an integral functionary role in all firm investments and finance work. Seth focuses on fiscal management and execution of all external advisory efforts with the firm’s investments, clients, partners and vendors and possesses an extensive background in the execution of public policy market-based advocacy campaigns that focus on market-driven outcomes, including the successful commissioning, launch and promotion of for-profit and non-profit efforts. Prior to joining McKenna, Seth worked with Fortune 10 Companies, high net worth individuals and non-profit organizations to develop strategy and manage the execution of complex national grassroots and issue advocacy campaigns.

Contact: (571) 312-1585

Additional Team Members:

  • Andrew McKenna
  • Meghan Farrell
  • Tommy Williams