Michael Fleming
Partner, The Wicks Group

Michael offers nearly 30 years of experience as an aviation attorney at the Wicks Group – a group that specializes in providing legal and consulting services to the aviation sector. He is an expert in advising airport authorities and managers on investment, privatization, regulatory, and commercial matters, including St. Louis and Westchester APPP applications. He also holds a depth of experience in advising airport and fixed base operator management companies on use, service, lease, and other commercial agreements as well as regulatory compliance. He’s negotiated dozens of aircraft purchase and sale transactions and served as an expert witness for several cases involving airport regulatory compliance.

Michael’s most notable experience includes St. Louis APPP Preliminary Application and regulatory representation, Westchester Airport APPP Preliminary Application and regulatory Representation, Google airfield management contract negotiation, B767 aircraft sale to Federal Express and airport privatization analyses for Argentina and Peru governments. Michael earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and holds both a JD and MBA, awarded with honors, from the University of Georgia.

Contact: (202) 457-7790

Additional Team Members:

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  • Barry Valentine
  • Ronce Almond