Andrew McKenna
Founder, President & CEO, McKenna & Associates

Andrew boasts 15 years of private and public-sector infrastructure advisory management experience both at the Federal and State level working on behalf of institutions, individual investors and public-private partnerships. He has executed corporate transactions with a market value of $300 billion and has managed the inception and operations and strategic management of McKenna & Associates since its inception in 2004. Andrew previously served as the managing member and founding partner of Goodsijn Management, L.L.C and GoodSijn I, and helped lead the inception, launch and management of the private investment fund. When it comes to flying, Andrew maintains his Instrument and Commercial Pilot ratings along with his Level I surface waiver for formation and solo aerobatics in his P-51 Mustang and North American T-6 Texan. He’s also a member of the United States Air Force’s Heritage Flight Foundation.

Contact: (571) 312-4511

Additional Team Members:

  • Seth Downing
  • Meghan Farrell
  • Tommy Williams